FAQs - Uniform Commercial Code Search

Q. How much does NY State charge for a search?

A. There is no charge for the online search.

Q. How do I obtain a Certified Search?

A. To obtain a Certified Search the request must be submitted to the New York Department

of State using an Information Request (Form UCC11) along with a $25 filing fee.

Q. When is the online search available?

A. The NY State Public Inquiry System UCC Lien Search is available seven days a week from

6:00 a.m. through 11:30 p.m.

Q. How current are the UCC filings on the Internet?

A. The UCC database is current as of the through date posted on the Search homepage.

However, the filings received electronically (both e-Filing and XML Bulk Filing) are

available on the Internet upon successfully completion.

Q. What types of Searches are offered online?

A. When searching UCC and Federal Tax Liens, there are 4 search options available:

Standard Debtor Search, File Number/Date Search, Secured Party Search, and Other

Debtor Search Options. Choosing one of these search options takes you to the respective

search screen. You then have the ability to filter search results based upon more specific

information. However, searches are always initiated by selecting one of these four methods.

Q. What does "View" display?

A. This selection will return all pages of a single filing and will open the document in

a new window. Note that in many cases the only way to see collateral associated to a

filing is to view the actual document image(s).

Q. What does "View First Page(s)" display?

A. This selection will return the first page of every filing returned in the search.

This option will open the documents in a new window. However, there is a limit of

50 pages when using this option.

Q. I am unable to view images. Why?

A. The Adobe Acrobat Reader must be downloaded and installed in order to view the images returned

in the NY State UCC Search.

Q. My Search did not return any filings. Why?

A. No search results usually indicates a lack of filings for the searched criteria. However, a

lack of filings may be the result of specifying too many or too specific search criteria.

If this happens, change your search criteria slightly and search again.

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