Certificate of Designation
For Service of Notice of Claim
(Pursuant to Section 53 of the General Municipal Law)
It is hereby certified that:
FIRST: DORIS LATORRES is a public corporation as defined in Section 66 of the General Construction Law of the State of New York.
SECOND: The name of the public corporation is: DORIS LATORRES
THIRD: The principal location of the public corporation is in the county of: NEW YORK
FOURTH: The public corporation hereby designates the Secretary of State of the State of New York as its agent upon whom a Notice of Claim against the public corporation may be served.
FIFTH: The name, post office address and email address of an officer, person or designee, nominee or other agent-in-fact to which the Secretary of State shall transmit a copy of any Notice of Claim served upon the Secretary of State as the Public Corporationís agent is:
Post Office Address: DORIS LATORRE
BRONX, NY 32825
SIXTH: The time limit for service of a Notice of Claim upon the public corporation is: NO TIME LIMIT TRANSMITING UTILITY
SEVENTH: Any statutory provisions uniquely pertaining to the public corporation and the commencement of an action or proceeding against it are as follows: This FINANCING STATEMENT covers the following collateral: This Financial statement covers the following types (or items) of property: (list) This is Actual and Constructive Notice of Claim held by Secured Party and the entry of the Debtor in the Commercial Registry and the following property is hereby registered in the same but not limited to: 1) Preferred Stock Certificate issued as CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH of DORIS LATORRE number 156-59-126713 as received by the CITY OF NEW YORK DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH BUREAU OF VITAL RECORDS on July 11,1959 and the pledge represented by same including the Bond issued and sold by the UNITED STATES Department of the Treasury and Commerce bought by the Federal Reserve Bank and held in Trust at 55 Water Street, New York, NY 10041 by the Depository Trust Company (DTC) and traded on the circle750 Stock Exchange for the Settlement of ALL DEBT PUBLIC AND PRIVATE predicated on the United States and the Vessel described above as the debtor, but not limited to the pignus, hypotheca, hereditaments, res, and the energy and all products derived therefrom, including, but not limited to, the BAILEE all cap name DORIS LATORRE, LATORRE DORIS, LATORRE DE APONTE DORIS,and Doris LaTorres or and any variation/derivation thereof, and all signatures on all contracts, Trust, and agreements predicated on the United States and the Vessel described above as the debtor. 2) FLORIDA Driver License ..3) Social Security Administration from SSA-3000(10-2007) document for account Number including but not limited to employer identification number, cusip and autotris international tracking numbers.4) Foreign Situs (pre-pay) Cestui que (Social Security Insurance) trust numbers Social Security Number 116-58-0870 and Private Offset Account Number G10029601. 5)Offspring Birth Certificate Number 156-59-26713. 6) Obligation of Debtor in favor of Secured Party as set forth in the express, written Security Agreement Number DLT07111959-SA-01, amount of said obligation: Five Hundred Billion United States Dollars ($500,000,000,000.00). 7) All properties are accepted for value and is exempt from levy. Adjustment of this filling from Public Policy HJR-192 Public Law 73-10, the LAW OF TRUST and the Maryland Uniform Commercial Code 10-104. All proceeds, products, accounts, and fixtures and the orders therefrom are released to the Secured Partyís United States Vessel and all account information held by the Federal Reserve Bank, Depository Trust Company and the United States Department of the Treasury by Power of Attorney is HEREBY REVOKED and ALL TRUSTEES ARE FIRED due the several counts of Bankruptcy obstruction. Nominated and appointed Trustee is transferred to the Secured Party Authorization Agent also know as the Authorized Government Contracting Agent. The following below do apply: 8) (A) Proceeds of collateral are also covered (B) Products of collateral are also covered 9) Alterative designation BAILEE/BAILOR 10) Debtor is a Trustee acting with respect to property held in Trust 11) Debtor is a TRANSMINTING UTILITY 12) Florida UCC Filling # 201703635734
EIGHTH: The New York State Vendor Identification Number (Vendor ID) for the public corporation is: REDACTED
Note: If the public corporation does not have a Vendor ID issued by the Office of the State Comptroller the Department of State will contact the public corporation regarding issuance of a Vendor ID when fees for service of Notices of Claim are available for distribution. The public corporation will not receive distributions of its share of fees for service of Notices of Claim until it has been assigned a Vendor ID by the Office of the State Comptroller.
NINTH: Distributions to the public corporation for its share of fees for service of Notices of Claim will be sent to the following Remittance Address:
                           DORIS LATORRE
BRONX, NY 10458
Note: The Remittance Address for public corporations with a Vendor ID must match the public corporationís Remittance Address in the New York State Vendor Management System. If the Remittance Address provided does not match the address on file in the New York State Vendor Management System, the public corporationís share of fees cannot be distributed. To update the public corporationís Remittance Address on file in the New York State Vendor Management System the public corporation must access and update its vendor record at www.osc.state.ny.us.
Date: November 27, 2018
Signature Title of Signer
FILE NUMBER: 20181127001977