Certificate of Designation
For Service of Notice of Claim
(Pursuant to Section 53 of the General Municipal Law)
It is hereby certified that:
FIRST: HEMPSTEAD UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT is a public corporation as defined in Section 66 of the General Construction Law of the State of New York.
SECOND: The name of the public corporation is: HEMPSTEAD UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT
THIRD: The principal location of the public corporation is in the county of: NEW YORK
FOURTH: The public corporation hereby designates the Secretary of State of the State of New York as its agent upon whom a Notice of Claim against the public corporation may be served.
FIFTH: The name, post office address and email address of an officer, person or designee, nominee or other agent-in-fact to which the Secretary of State shall transmit a copy of any Notice of Claim served upon the Secretary of State as the Public Corporationís agent is:
SIXTH: The time limit for service of a Notice of Claim upon the public corporation is: pursuant to section 297 of the New York Human Rights Law (N.Y. Executive Law, Article 15), a hearing was held January 10 and 11th with Judge Margaret A. Jackson to determine the charges of unlawful discriminatory and retaliatory practices alleged in the verified complaint
SEVENTH: Any statutory provisions uniquely pertaining to the public corporation and the commencement of an action or proceeding against it are as follows: The New York Division of Human Rights after investigation, has determined that it has the jurisdiction in this matter and that PROBABLE CAUSE exist to believe that the Respondent (Hempstead Union Free School District, HUFSD) has engaged in or is engaging in the unlawful discriminatory practice complained of. Pursuant to the Human Rights Law, this matter is recommended for public hearing. I am a lesbian. I have been retaliated against and subjected to unlawful discriminatory actions and harassment. After I publicly married my wife August 10, 2013, the work environment became hostile, discriminatory and isolated. I was awarded tenure and a pay increase prior based on exemplary work performance and prior to publicly marrying my wife. In an affidavit filed in behalf of HUFSD and Susan Johnson, dated October 2013 item #14 Susan Johnson states the following: "Acting in a manner that is opposite of arbitrary, I decided to retain and to recommend granting tenure to two qualified and productive persons who were appointed by Dr. Patricia Garcia, namely Beverly Jones and Nichelle Rivers, precisely because I recognized their quality, and discerned that the Petitioners did not deserve recommendation to be granted tenure" After Superintendent Susan Johnson heard about my wedding, she asked to see photos. I filed a written complaint to the Hempstead Board of Education October 16, 2014. After filing a written complaint, the complainant's position was terminated due to excessing effective June 30, 2015, indicating that my position was no longer needed. I was subject to public ridicule, unprofessional and humiliating behavior from Ms. Susan Johnson, formerly Superintendent of Schools within HUFSD. Former Board President Betty Cross publicly stated that the face of HUFSD couldn't be a lesbian. Former Board President Betty Cross called me after hearing about my wedding, to ask me whom I lived with. Board clerk Pat Wilson was on the phone during this conversation. Former Board President Betty Cross called the Board Clerk, Pat Wilson asking her if she knew what my wife looked like. Susan Johnson, repeatedly told staff and Board members that I was incompetent, however I was never provided an annual evaluation until after I received a letter excessing me from my tenured position. After terminating my position due to excessing, Dr. Rodney Gilmore provided me with my first an only written evaluation. He attempted to add items to my evaluation on my last day of work. He emailed a document to me and asked that I sign it. Since my termination due to excessing, I have been harassed and further discriminated against. I applied for a full-time position in Roosevelt and had to meet with the Board trustees to respond to accusations that I was suing the HUFSD. They were given copies of the written complaint that I filed with the Board back in 2014, in addition to copies of Human Rights filings. Since my termination due to excessing, two positions meeting my job description have been posted and staff have been hired. the job description meets the role and responsibilities that were attributed to me during my tenure in HUFSD. The positions were School Implementation Manager for both the ABGS Middle School and Hempstead High School. Both positions state Grant and budget management experience, and ability to write comprehensive reports. Since my termination due to excessing, HUFSD has hired and worked with outside consultants to write and prepare grant submissions. Since my termination due to excessing, HUFSD attorney's has sent numerous subpoenas to Roosevelt Union Free School District asking for information regarding my compensation and other benefits as if they were acting on the subpoena from a judge. I was called in each time to address the alleged subpoenas from HUFSD attorneys.
EIGHTH: The New York State Vendor Identification Number (Vendor ID) for the public corporation is: REDACTED
Note: If the public corporation does not have a Vendor ID issued by the Office of the State Comptroller the Department of State will contact the public corporation regarding issuance of a Vendor ID when fees for service of Notices of Claim are available for distribution. The public corporation will not receive distributions of its share of fees for service of Notices of Claim until it has been assigned a Vendor ID by the Office of the State Comptroller.
NINTH: Distributions to the public corporation for its share of fees for service of Notices of Claim will be sent to the following Remittance Address:
Note: The Remittance Address for public corporations with a Vendor ID must match the public corporationís Remittance Address in the New York State Vendor Management System. If the Remittance Address provided does not match the address on file in the New York State Vendor Management System, the public corporationís share of fees cannot be distributed. To update the public corporationís Remittance Address on file in the New York State Vendor Management System the public corporation must access and update its vendor record at www.osc.state.ny.us.
Date: April 10, 2017
Signature Title of Signer
FILE NUMBER: 20170410001807